Paula Rodriguez


Paula is a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture and Design from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, USA.

Inspired by different fields of design, she has developed an open design aesthetic that is both feminine and contemporary while drawing inspiration from nature and world culture.

Her designs have a concept or a story that always aims to display genuine Filipino craftsmanship and material.

"Each piece carries the skill of craftsmen and the natural material they individually manipulate. The quality and value of Filipino artistry can never be replicated and behind every one of my designs is a cluster of talents that conceived it.”

Vikki Rodriguez


Vikki is a graduate of Interior Architecture and Design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California, USA. At an early age, she had already been exposed to the furniture and home accessory business of her family, Detalia Aurora and Accessoria, Inc. respectively.

Firmly believing that Nature is absolute design, Vikki shares that understanding through her work and draws inspiration from its shapes and materials.

“For me, good design is always honest. Partnered with a company’s dexterity and the Filipino’s craftsmanship, my work expresses a playfulness, warmth and familiarity that I hope people will relate to.” 


Vikki and Paula Rodriguez are also the Creative Directors of Co-Creative Studio.

Co-Creative Studio is a Design, Market and Community oriented brand that hopes to inspire and initiate an appreciation for Filipino Design. We push innovations with our Natural Material and to enhance and exercise Local Craft, while paving way for creative collaborations with clients and other aspiring designers.


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