This TV stand / low display cabinet styled in a baroque shape and juxtaposed with a modern silhouette, deliver a witty take on the classic rococo style.


Designed by Paula Rodriguez 








The vertical wood slats of this cabinet design are individually cut and assembled by hand to ensure a perfect glide. The polished stainless steel sled base accentuates the natural wood finish. The design is also available as a smaller, 2-door cabinet and a single-door side cabinet which can be grouped together or spaced apart. 


Designed by Paula Rodriguez 


Drawing inspiration from a local community's carving talent, the designer blends the natural beauty of wood carving and modern shapes. The intricate wood carving is the Natural color while the case is in a White gloss lacquer finish. The Rosa is a transitional collection that embodies minimalist design and the warmth of ornamental décor.


Designed by Paula Rodriguez 


This collection is definitely a statement. With a strong surrealist influence in evidence, the hand-carved dune ripple effect pattern creates a delightful sense of depth and motion.


Designed by Luisa Robinson



Taking inspiration from nature's delicate and playful forms, this chic nautilus shell-shaped storage and divider unit can create nooks for showing off your accessories or books as well as an artwork in itself. This sculptural piece is constructed with a wood frame and laminated with either bamboo veneer or wood veneer.


Designed by Paula Rodriguez