Our Natural Stones in the Herringbone Pattern is the main feature in this collection. The artistry of these hand-laid drum tables with the raw elegance of stone will always be distinct in any room and in any style. 


Designed by Paula Rodriguez


The Wisteria Collection is a fresh look on this otherwise traditional home furnishing. It breaks away from the typical hanging systems. This functional and organic design is made of hand-twisted metal and wrapped in Natural Rattan Poles. 


Designed by Paula Rodriguez


This center table is a basket shape and is perfect for those who want to reflect a Classic Countryside Home. It is powder coated and hand woven with Natural Abaca Rope. With or without the glass top, the Basquet Center Table can also be used as a smart storage piece. 


Designed by Co-Creative Studio


This is our new take on one of nature’s definitive designs. The Barkley tables resemble giant sliced tree trunks and plays with their natural colors and patterns. The legs are a Knock-Down Component and balances out the tops with its lightness with the option to use Stainless Steel or a Powder Coated Finish. 


Designed by Vikki Rodriguez


Great stories and ideas must be shared around good company and good food. This regal dining table will bring out the richness in mood and conversation to any occasion. Our new and vibrant Copper Leaf finish perfectly brings this classic into the contemporary.


Designed by Dadibern Agbo

Le Parfait

Inspired by the Le Parfait Jars, these tables are a remembrance of home and family. The beauty is in the metal base which was expertly hand bent and twisted to achieve the jar’s signature look, a feature that resonates the nostalgia this vintage design makes us experience. 


Designed by Co-Creative Studio


Masquerading as splintered tree trunks, these occasional tables in high and low versions, add interest and a natural vibe to any room. Hand-laminated in our proprietary material - smooth turnsole, it can be finished in Black Oak, Birch or Walnut.


Designed by Vikki Rodriguez


This collection design immediately gives the notion of rattan plucked out of its natural environment. The use of rattan with skin in its natural color gives an unmatched feeling of honesty in the design.


Designed by Paula Rodriguez 



Serene in their simplicity, with effortless modern lines, these tables are made with leaf-and-floral-patterned embossed leather laminated on its top and finished Ebony. The table bases, in polished stainless steel, all interact to produce clean, elegant lines.





Its wave-like shape and individually hand-laminated natural sika rattan in sunburst pattern, give this table design its unique character. While best viewed as a four-piece center table, it can also be taken apart and flexibly used individually or as two, three or four small tables to suit your unique seating and available space.


This stunning accent table design is a perfect mix of modern geometry and traditional material. The table is clad in genuine full-hair cowhide with its colors alternated creating a harlequin effect around the faces. 


Designed by Paula Rodriguez 


This space-saving unique nest-of-two tables breaks with convention by pairing an oval table in natural Rosewood and a round table in rich Walnut Burl.





Named after the enigmatic island from Shakespeare's The Tempest, this table collection with its unique shape is really a good 'odea'. The enigma comes in its clever construction - Walnut veneer laminated over bent aluminum that combines the minimum of material with the maximum rigidity. 


Designed by Paula  Rodriguez 


Embellish your home and transform it into a sylvan sanctuary with this interesting collection. The frame of this design is made out of metal tubing. Indian turnsole twigs are then bunched together, twisted and laminated by hand over the metal tubes making it look like branches but only stronger.





Like a cluster of trees in the forest, this table collection is crafted with our pioneering material - tree vines called Wild Liana in natural finish. It has a rough elegance that adds a story and appeal.






Sheaf Of Wheat

As original designer and manufacturer of this highly sought collection, we bring back to life the classic Sheaf of Wheat tables. This mid-century modern sculptural piece is made of palasan rattan poles over a wood base and cinched in the middle by a braid of rattan. 




Looking like a formation of tree branches, this collection is actually made of varying sizes of metal tubes, welded together and intricately hand-laminated with natural turnsole twigs.





The Rosa Center Table draws inspiration from a local community's carving talent. The designer blends the natural beauty of wood carving and modern shapes. The Rosa is a transitional collection that embodies minimalist design and the warmth of ornamental decor. Also Available as a Console and Wall Art.


Designed by Paula Rodriguez


Inspired by Brancusi's 'bird in flight' sculpture, this set-of-three accent tables with varying heights, can be put together an infinite number of ways or used separately.


Designed by Vikki Rodriguez 






Decorated with eye catching movement and motif, Trivet is a showcase of the infinite patterns designed from natural materials. Trivet functions as a nesting tray table, and/or platters.


Designed by Paula Rodriguez