Angel Wing

Taking inspiration from the natural shape of the angel wing sea shell, this elegant all weather planter in natural crushed stone, evokes an ethereal feeling in an outdoor or indoor setting.


Designed by Paula Rodriguez 

Clam Shell

A beloved shell shape, the clam shell planter is dedicated to one of the ocean's most well-known sea shells. This is a welcome addition to any garden or patio setting. 


Designed by Paula Rodriguez 

Heart Shell

Nature invents the most beautiful of forms. Native to Southeast Asia, the heart shell or heart cockle, was often given to sailors' sweethearts as a token of love.


Designed by Vikki Rodriguez 



Inspired by the allure of the natural nautilus shape and it's logarithmic golden ratio, our designer shares a personal favorite with this Nautilus planter.


Designed by Paula Rodriguez  

Round Coral

This all-weather natural stonecast collection in various shape and sizes, simulates a colony of stony coral (Montastraea Cavernosa) usually found in the Carribean seas.


Designed by Paula Rodriguez 


As part of our "Fun Planters" line, Levi plays on the idea of body movement. Comical in its function and form, these animated vases will lighten up your mood and the room.


Designed by Co-Creative Studio 


An assortment of traditional shapes and molded by Crushed Natural Stone, the Roma Collection is sure to refine your home or garden.

These all-weather vases and bowls come in white and different shades of grey stone and will easily blend to your style.


Designed by Co-Creative Studio




Fan Coral

The ocean breeds beauty and mystery like we can't imagine. Fan corals or sea whips abound in the tropics. The veined patterns create a leafy and floral look.


Designed by Vikki Rodriguez 


A new addition to our natural stonecast collection, the Seabed bowl resembles a myriad of fossilized marine creatures usually found in deep ocean floors.


Designed by Vikki Rodriguez 




The Spindle Bowls is very much decorative as it is useful. This is a magnified version of this very popular shell. This All-Weather bowl is great for consoles, dining tables, coffee tables, and of course around the garden.


Designed by Co-Creative Studio

Mixed Shell

These mixed shell bowls resemble a myriad of fossilized marine creatures usually found on our beaches. You have the choice to have a Mixed Shell Pattern, Starfish, or Clam. These All-Weather Platters are perfect for your beach homes or to bring the beach into your home. 


There is nothing more tropical than a pineapple! These all-weather bowls sculpt a perfect picture of sun, sand, and fun!

The Natural Crushed Stone and the modernized details of the fruit are a great addition to warm your home and garden, wherever you may be.