This design brings back memories of youth's creativity and exploration when we built castles and airplanes out of "magical" boxes. Using scrap cuts of Kraft paper cardboard that are hand cut and shaped, the Antoinette pendant lamps are a recollection of that playfulness. Also available as floor lamps.


Designed by Vikki Rodriguez 


Motifs are combined and repeated forming patterns designed to have a chosen effect on the viewer. The triangular pattern of the Arthur lamp suggests movement and direction. Cut-out leather trims are hand stitched together to fit around a lamp shade.


Designed by Dadibern Agbo


Kinks and Curls

Every day we make choices that reflect our personalities. With the Kinks & Curls hanging lamp, it is entirely up to you how you want it styled. The waves and locks of this head turner are made of natural rattan. Also available as a floor lamp.


Designed by Co-Creative Studio




Each leaf is cut from coconut shell and the shape and sliced details were all done by hand. The shells are the layered on top of each other one by one to resemble a cluster of leaves. Also available as a Floor Lamp.


Designed by Vikki Rodriguez 


Our Navi Hanging Lamps are all created by hand. A local community recovers all-weather ropes from dry docked ships, dries and twists them again into smaller ropes to be made into fish nets and other household uses.


Designed by Paula Rodriguez 

Ringo Cloud

Emphasizing it's lightness, Ringo was shaped and assembled by hand to form these organic shapes. This set is individually sold so you can arrange it to your liking and style.


Designed by Paula Rodriguez 

Ringo Ball

Often called the tree of life, the coconut tree is unique in its versatility. It is abundant and plays a big role not only in tropical countries, but also throughout the world.


Designed by Paula Rodriguez 




The highlight of this interesting contemporary floor lamp is the natural feel of the shade. Coconut shells are cut into shape and individually stitched together using Abaca thread to create a lattice pattern.


Designed by Paula Rodriguez 



The Buri Knot Floor lamp can be a light fixture or an eye catching decor. This design is made of Natural Buri and is assembled by hand to get the right loop and twist to an othersie stiff material.The shape gives a sense of quirkiness and will definitely stand out in a room. 


Designed by Co-Creative Studio


Lightus is a 3 in 1 floor lamp with a  fun take on the shape of a Cactus. The base is made of metal and is assembled by hand to create the body.

The Natural Buri Material makes this visually and physically light, and is a great way to liven up a space. 


Designed by Co-Creative Studio