The Bahama collection reflects the natural ease and relaxing lifestyle of the islands. This comfortably-padded classic-shaped occasional chair is woven in rattan peel by a skilled weaving community in an intricate V-wave pattern. Solid wood turned legs is a practical and aesthetic addition to the design.




This is our new take on one of nature’s definitive designs. The Barkley tables resemble giant sliced tree trunks and plays with their natural colors and patterns. The legs are a Knock-Down Component and balances out the tops with its lightness with the option to use Stainless Steel or a Powder Coated Finish. 


Designed by Vikki Rodriguez


Great stories and ideas must be shared around good company and good food. This regal dining table will bring out the richness in mood and conversation to any occasion. Our new and vibrant Copper Leaf finish perfectly brings this classic into the contemporary.


Designed by Dadibern Agbo


Le Parfait

Inspired by the Le Parfait Jars, these tables are a remembrance of home and family. The beauty is in the metal base which was expertly hand bent and twisted to achieve the jar’s signature look, a feature that resonates the nostalgia this vintage design makes us experience. 


Designed by Co-Creative Studio


Our Natural Stones in the Herringbone Pattern is the main feature in this collection. The artistry of these hand-laid drum tables with the raw elegance of stone will always be distinct in any room and in any style. 


Designed by Paula Rodriguez




The Olivia Collection embodies classic elegance and character as it uses soft lines together with the unique Birch Turnsole Lamination. With its refined look, Olivia can easily fit into any interior but with its special ivory-like finish, it is still a stand-out any room. 


Designed by Paula Rodriguez


There is nothing more tropical than a pineapple! This all-weather vase and planter sculpts a perfect picture of sun, sand, and fun! The Natural Crushed Stone and the modernized details of the fruit are a great addition to warm your home and garden, wherever you may be. 


Designed by Paula Rodriguez



The Wisteria Collection is a fresh look on this otherwise traditional home furnishing. It breaks away from the typical hanging systems. This functional and organic design is made of hand-twisted metal and wrapped in Natural Rattan Poles. 


Designed by Paula Rodriguez


Twiggy Mirror

Looking like a formation of tree branches, this collection is actually made of varying sizes of metal tubes, welded together and intricately hand-laminated with natural turnsole twigs.







Inspired by shipping docks, it was only idyllic that the Amarre All-Weather chairs were hand-woven in one of our featured materials, the Navi’s Reclaimed Marine Rope. These ropes are available in Pearl or Black and the metal frame can be Powder Coated to your choice of colors. 


Designed by Vikki Rodriguez




Just like the city it was named after, the Havana mirror has a classic feel of Spanish and American Style.The Natural Tobacco Leaf Lamination is rich in detail. Each leaf unique with its own vein patterns and brown colors. Paired with the Old Gold Finished Frame, this mirror is a great way to complete your Vintage home. 


Designed by Co-Creative Studio




This design brings back memories of youth's creativity and exploration when we built castles and airplanes out of "magical" boxes. 

The base and accents are powder coated to match the colors of the body. Colors and arrangement of beads can also be customized to your preference. Also available as Hanging Pendant Lamps.


Designed by Vikki Rodriguez


This center table is a basket shape and is perfect for those who want to reflect a Classic Countryside Home. It is powder coated and hand woven with Natural Abaca Rope. With or without the glass top, the Basquet Center Table can also be used as a smart storage piece. It can be a hamper or towel rack while allowing you to hide your slippers under it. It is light and easy to carry around the house as well. 


Designed by Co-Creative Studio



The Buri Knot Floor lamp can be a light fixture or an eye catching decor. This design is made of Natural Buri and is assembled by hand to get the right loop and twist to an othersie stiff material.

The shape gives a sense of quirkiness and will definitely stand out in a room. 


Designed by Co-Creative Studio


Lightus is a 3 in 1 floor lamp with a  fun take on the shape of a Cactus. The base is made of metal and is assembled by hand to create the body.

The Natural Buri Material makes this visually and physically light, and is a great way to liven up a space. 


Designed by Co-Creative Studio

Holly Floor Lamp

Each leaf is cut and detailed by hand from coconut shells. They are layered on top of each other one by one to resemble a cluster of leaves. 

The Holly Floor Lamp has a knocked-down base component. Available as vases, bowls and hanging lamps in different sizes. The coconut shell can be a light coconut shell or in a dark coconut shell mixed with old gold leaves. 


Designed by Vikki Rodriguez

Holly Bowl

The Holly All-Weather Bowl shows a blooming pattern of detailed leaves layered on top of each other.

Made of Natural Crushed Stone, the Holly Platter displays the best way to bring in nature to your space with subtlety and charm. 


Designed by Vikki Rodriguez

Kinks & Curls Floor Lamp

The Kinks & Curls Collection gives you the freedom as to how much curls you would like placed and styled. This lamp is unique and one that you can really call your own. 

The waves and clocks of this head turner is made of natural rattan which were cut, individually bent and finished. 

Also Available as Hanging and Corner Lamps.


Designed by Co-Creative Studio


The Rosa Center Table draws inspiration from a local community's carving talent. The designer blends the natural beauty of wood carving and modern shapes. The Rosa is a transitional collection that embodies minimalist design and the warmth of ornamental decor. 

Also Available as a Console and Wall Art.


Designed by Paula Rodriguez

Giant Clam

This All-Weather Vase is an ode to Fossilized Giant Clams. These beautifully designed creatures were very much sought after as decor for home and garden. Our version is in keeping with the shell's natural charm.

The Natural Crushed Stone makes the vase look so much like the original fossil shells and is the perfect medium for the detail and texture. 


Designed by Vikki Rodriguez


Gnomeo, Gnomeo, our little Romeo! Gnomeo is full of love! He has a romantic gesture up his sleeve as he hides plants and flowers behind him. He is a fun, functional and decorative mini planter for all ages. This is an all-weather planter made of natural crushed stone that is a perfect addition to your charming home and garden. 


Designed by Paula Rodriguez